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How Does TIXEL Contribute to Anti-Aging Solutions, and What Results Can One Expect?

Tixel by 360 SkinLab in Scottsdale, AZ

Since introducing Tixel 2, a game-changing advancement in anti-aging treatments, skin regeneration has advanced significantly in our facility. The Thermo-Mechanical Ablation (TMA) method is fundamental to this advancement, revolutionizing our skincare services, especially for the hard-to-treat sensitive parts of the face.  Tixel 2 offers a gentler, yet as effective, alternative to standard treatments that frequently use […]

What Is Tixel? What Can I Expect After A Tixel Treatment?

What Is Tixel What Can I Expect After A Tixel Treatment

In addition to the fact that various problems require distinct treatment strategies, we know that the same issue may require a different approach depending on the location and the patient to achieve the most excellent outcomes. Tixel® satisfies the expanding need for enhancing skin complexion and undoing the effects of photoaging so that patients may […]

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